The Interior Design Process

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Posted on May 19, 2015

At Arden Interiors we customize our services to meet our client’s unique budget and design requirements.

Complimentary Consultation:

At our initial complimentary consultation we will determine what your vision is and the scope of work. We will ask a set of detailed questions in order to establish a clear picture of your renovation or new build plans and goals. If the project is for investment purposes we will establish the target market we are designing for. If the project is for you and your family we will listen to how your family will function and use the spaces.

Phase I:

*For a video on Phase I by the owner of Arden Interiors, Claire Gudmanz click HERE.

The next phase will be the concept presentation. The concept presentation includes a power point presentation that shows hand rendered sketches of the key areas that we will be designing and our ideas for these areas. As well we will include imagery to show the feeling and style of the spaces such as design and colour scheme. Our images will also clearly show the plumbing, lighting and other finishes and fixtures we suggest. We will also present physical samples of flooring, tile and other finishes at this meeting.

  • Conceptual Images & Sketches
  • Convey Colour Scheme & Design Style
  • Finish & Fixture Direction
  • Physical Finishes Samples

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Phase II:

The architectural detail critique includes Arden Interiors giving our feedback on the architect’s proposed plans, wether we feel certain layouts could be better for the functionality of your family. We will look at circulation, ergonomics, and furniture placement. Furniture placement will ensure that a functional lighting plan can be created at a later phase. This phase can also include the completion of an estimated budget that will include all interior design related finishes, fixtures, and design implementation to reflect the approved conceptual design.

  • Floor Plan Critique
  • Preliminary Furniture Plan
  • Space Plan & Circulation Analysis


Phase III & IV:

Phase three and four is when we source and choose all of the finishes and fixtures for the completion of the entire project. Once these and presented and signed off on by the client we then create a detailed specification package which is given to the builder in binder format along with all the necessary cut sheets for the smooth implementation of the designs.

  • Finishes & Fixtures Specifications
  • Cutsheets
  • Supplier Contact Details
  • Pertinent Notes for Construction
  • Product Image

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Phase V:

The binder will also include phase five, which is the complete working drawing package, completed using the industry standard program, AutoCAD. Our drawings are created for permitting and construction purposes. They are fully dimensions and include all necessary notes to ensure that no impromptu decisions need to be made on site. Or notes include, but are not limited to, lighting suspension and mounting heights, tile layout and grout joint thicknesses and colour, and any other pertinent information.

  • AutoCAD Drawing Package for Permit, Tendering, & Construction
  • Construction Plan
  • Finishes & Key Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Electrical Plan
  • Detailed & Dimensioned Elevations
  • Millwork Sections
  • 3D Renderings if required

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Phase VI:

The final phases include project management if required and furniture and accessory selection and design. The furniture and accessory selection is typically a combination of ready made items and custom pieces. Arden Interiors can design custom furniture, bedding, feature walls, drapery, and art. We will document the furnishings and accessories in a specification binder. Arden Interiors will facilitate the ordering and setup of all items.

  • Project Managment
  • Furniture, Art, & Accessory Selection
  • Custom Furniture Design
  • Complete Installation

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Our Detailed approach to design leaves our clients feeling listened to and that their budget has been respected. Most of our clients are business professionals with families and therefore they don’t have time to design their homes themselves. At Arden Interiors we stay current with the latest in home technology and design trends by attending workshops and industry design shows. We are skilled professionals and we are always pushing ourselves to design creative and functional spaces for our clients. We make this otherwise daunting process enjoyable and successful for our clients.

For more information about what to expect from your designer click HERE.

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