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Posted on May 17, 2015

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As your interior designer, we at Arden Interiors strive to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. Apart from endeavouring to create a functional and inspiring space, every step we take is to help ensure that the design and construction process is as seamless and timely as possible. These photos are part of the Ainsworth residence penthouse renovation, which is currently under construction.


What can you expect during the design and construction process?

There are so many factors and people involved with a typical renovation or new construction it is almost guaranteed that there will be a few hiccups or set backs. As your designer we have many systems and practices in place to avoid as many of these as possible and to deal with them in a proactive and constructive manner when they do occur.

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As your interior designer we work with you to achieve your design goals.

Whether you are building or renovating with resale in mind or if you are designing your dream home or vacation property we listen and work with you to achieve these goals. As a full service firm we customize our services to allow you to be involved as much or as little as you like in the process. We also function as your advocates throughout the process to help ensure that the builder, sub-trades, and suppliers are working with your best interests in mind as well as keeping to the schedule and budget.


At Arden Interiors we customize our services to your unique requirements.

In order to ensure that the designs are implemented in the most effective and streamlined way possible we create complete working AutoCAD drawings that detail and dimension all required plans and elevations including millwork drawings and construction details. The drawings cross reference to our detailed specification package to ensure that everyone involved knows what finish and fixtures goes where. These detailed drawings and specifications mean that at no time will a trade have to guess at anything, such as how to layout the tile or where to mount the vanity lighting.

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When the inevitable issues do crop up our mission is to reduce the stress on our clients as much as possible.

We do this by coming to our clients with solutions rather than problems. Once we have approval from the client on the solution of choice we help to ensure that plan gets set into action. We know your time is valuable and we are also the specialists in this area and so our job is to help make sure your vision comes to reality and the journey getting there is as enjoyable as possible. Our goal is that a the end of the project you feel your expectations have not only been met, but they have been exceeded and you would be happy to recommend us to all of your friends. After all our success revolves around repeat business and referrals not one time jobs.


We look forward to exceeding your expectations on your next new build or home renovation project. Email us at info@ardeninteriors.com


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